Heartache2Hope Articles 

New Oakville Group to Help Those Coping with Loss from Suicide
Oakville Beaver – June 5th, 2015
by Gisele Shaw

Oakville’s best and brightest volunteers were celebrated for their exemplary contributions to the community at the 14th Annual Community Spirit Awards held last night at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

2015 Community Spirit Award recipients:
Rob McLean, Access Award sponsored by Medi-Chair

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Halton’s Heartache2Hope helps adults grieving a suicide loss
Burlington Post – May 4, 2016
by Kathy Yanchus

The grief experienced by those left behind following a suicide death is uniquely complex.
“It’s different than grief after other types of losses, like illness,” explained Oakville grief counselor Flavia Ceschin.
“First of all, it’s unexpected. It’s sudden. It’s violent, so there can be trauma. Many people find the person (who committed suicide) and so there’s a huge traumatic piece to the grief.”

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Goodwill – July 8th, 2016
by Melanie Cummings

Losing a loved one to suicide is a difficult grief to face. Like a car crash or a fatal heart attack, the deaths are sudden; but the crash and the attack are unintentional deaths.

As deaths go, only suicide has been riddled with criminal and moral implications in the past, as church and state level shame, blame and judgment on the deceased and those loved ones left behind.

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